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With over 150,000 units sold world wide and endorsed by thousands of the worlds leading elite athletes and trainers, as the worlds best shaker bottle for mixing supplements. Isn't it time you embraced the future of supplement mixing on the go? 

PROMiXX Athlete

Aled Davies

This is a very clever product, so easy to use and incredibly effective. It’s great to have whilst I’m training and competing abroad as it blends everything perfectly and quickly. PROMiXX™ have created a gem here and I am a big fan.

PROMiXX Athlete

Georgia Simmons

I just love my PROMiXX, I use it more than any other piece of gym kit I own... day and night! All my supplements mix insanely fast and smooth, and it looks so much sexier than any other shaker out there!

PROMiXX Athlete

Neale Cranwell

Blending Just got easier, No more lumpy shakes... The best blender I have ever used!

PROMiXX Athlete

Roger Snipes

The smoothest supplement shakes ever! I use my PROMiXX every day, before and after training. I wish I had one years ago... so fast and so easy!


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